About us

Our concept for Lower Saxony, Germany, Europe and the whole world.

SIMTEC technology enables:
1. a reduction and adjustment of the amount of slurry that has to be spread on the arable land,
2. To achieve sustainability through environmentally friendly and resource-saving introduction into the cycle of nature,
3. a strong reduction in secondary particulate matter pollution,
4. a reduction in pollution in the groundwater,
5. a cost reduction of up to 60 percent as well
6. the generation of a coherent concept for the residues deionized water, solids and concentrates.

Not only for ourselves, but also for future generations. In particular, air pollution and problems with drinking water are among the main factors that are extremely changing the environment and damaging it in the long term.

For a long time we have been dealing with the topic of processing farm manure. Increasing factory farming also results in a very high level of manure production. This spreading of the liquid manure in turn causes high secondary fine matter concentrations and nitrate pollution. This is accompanied by a strong odor nuisance.

The solution

According to the Federal Statistical Office, in Lower Saxony alone only just under half of the necessary usable space is available for the liquid manure, fermentation residues and sewage sludge to be able to apply in an environmentally friendly manner!

We know it’s time to solve the problem. That’s why we sat down with scientists to get the manure problem under control.

In 2011 we developed a technology that enables environmentally friendly processing. At the same time, ingredients such as nitrogen, phosphate, etc. can be converted or reduced.

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Customer opinion

We chose SIMTEC Natural Solution because we run our business in an environmentally conscious way and simply want to save costs.

H. Wagner

The SIMTEC module is perfect for my purposes. The setup went very quickly and the employees were able to answer any questions that arose quickly.

T. Wendland

The decision in favor of the SIMTEC modules was the right one, because we have found that they reduce operating costs and that we will remain flexible in the future.

J. Mohr