Many farmers are economically dependent on livestock farming. They usually have a limited area of arable land available to fertilize them with liquid manure. If you add more cows or pigs, the arable land usually does not increase. So the farmers face a big problem. Because the animals continue to produce manure, which now has to be disposed of. However, the arable land can only absorb a certain amount before the nitrate pollution becomes too high and plants and groundwater are impaired.

Raw Manure

In order to limit the slurry tourism that has now spread across Europe, it is urgently necessary to finally implement new concepts. In particular, the agonizing factory farming and its obvious consequences must be ended. For example, land-based animal husbandry and the recycling of liquid manure could be introduced. This would also counteract supra-regional and even international manure and feed transports, which at the same time cause environmental problems due to exhaust gases, traffic jams and so on.