We reduce manure transport and protect the environment. Your company and your logistics are important to us! The SIMTEC Natural Solution concept is tailor-made for you and protects the environment. Because we want to solve problems! For you and for the environment.

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We all know how important environmental protection is.

But if you look at the reports in TV magazines, the advertising, or the discussions on social media, doubts arise. Because the advertising for electric vehicles is in full swing. New city bus routes are being installed and car-sharing agencies are being set up. In the political camps one decides on new tax models. Price increases are proclaimed and it is established that the only way to counteract overcrowded streets, air pollution and other environmental sins is to use bans and critical restrictions.

But does it all make sense? What if you simply reduced trips?

It was precisely this question that led us at SIMTEC Natural Solution to develop our system. We have developed a concept to reduce transport journeys and at the same time to design the conversion or recycling of individual manure components.

Why is the topic of manure so important to us?

See for yourself!

The problem:

The stronger the factory farming in particular, the greater the amount of manure. But farmers who keep chickens, pigs and cattle on a smaller scale are also affected by the problem. It is often the case that animal husbandry becomes more extensive, but the areas used for agriculture cannot grow with it.

If the farmers spread more manure on the same arable land, at some point it will no longer be able to compensate for the uptake. The amount of nitrate increases, changes the plant physiognomy and pollutes the groundwater. The water charges are increasing, because in order to obtain drinking water from groundwater, more and more expensive processes have to be used.

The next consequence of groundwater pollution is the pollution of the oceans and their creatures. Nitrate-loving algae multiply and cause a so-called overturning of maritime habitats. This also means that nature is generally damaged and, in the long term, human health also suffers.

The disposal of the manure will therefore become a problem in the long term. The farmer feels compelled to convey his manure elsewhere. The result: More and more trucks are driving across Europe to market the annoying liquid manure. As a result, they also contribute to traffic jams and air pollution from exhaust gases. An endless chain of environmental pollution and further problems.

The solution:

SIMTEC Natural Solution is synonymous with economic efficiency and environmental protection. Our concepts are suitable for a wide variety of requirements for small businesses and large farmers. We offer stationary modules and mobile solutions. Together with you we want to look into a positive future and do everything we can to ensure that future generations can literally lead a life worth living on this planet.

manure environmental protection

Please take a look at the concept of SIMTEC Natural Solution for the processing of economic fertilizer. This is a purely natural system solution that works without chemicals. In the course of the process, it even provides recyclable materials. First of all, the water is removed from the manure. This is processed to such an extent that it is suitable for washing purposes, for animal drinking troughs or for returning to the groundwater.

The water remains in your company and can be used there. It does not have to be removed as part of the manure. This saves you a lot of transport trips.

If necessary, the water can also be sold as so-called process water. The solids can be made available to biogas plants as substitutes. In such cases, a cost reduction of up to 60 percent is possible. Basically, the separation of farm manure takes place in four stages. In the first stage, our patented system separates the solids from the liquids. This is followed by the patented treatment and ultra-filtration. The fourth stage is the filtering by means of reverse osmosis.

The bottom line:

Whether you choose our stationary system or the mobile version: In both cases, you act for your budget and for the environment! Because you don’t need an additional building for our stationary modules, because the equipment is housed in containers. The mobile version only requires a temporary parking space and a power connection. We will come to you when you need it. Through recycling, our system also measurably reduces the transport routes and at the same time protects the environment.

Do you have any questions? We would be happy to advise you in detail on our concepts, the environmental protection factor, and introduce you to our equipment. Did we arouse your curiosity? Very well! We are looking forward to your message. Let’s protect the environment together and make life more livable – also for future generations.