SIMTEC Natural Solution
The processing system of
the future!

SIMTEC Natural Solution

The processing system of the future!

Welcome to SIMTEC Natural Solution!

On this website you will find all the important information about our innovative agricultural fertilizer processing technology.

The basis:
SIMTEC Natural Solution supplies a unique natural processing technology for agricultural fertilizers.

The chance:
The technology is innovative and chemical free.

Our position:
We are the link between the environment worth protecting and the concerns of farmers, Entrepreneurs, industry and municipalities.

Get to know us!
We have developed a natural processing of farm manure. We offer environmentally friendly solutions for every project size. Let us utilize your slurry or your farm manure in a cost-effective and legally compliant manner. Our technology enables balanced, nutrient-fair fertilization that is in harmony with the agricultural areas and thus also with nature.

Mobile manure treatment from 4€/m³!

With the mobile systems from SIMTEC Natural Solution.
Let us advise you in a personal meeting without obligation.

Rent now:
SIMTEC Natural Solution Mobile modules

SNS nutrient reduction mobile

SNS Nutrient Reduction Mobile offers a high processing capacity
up to 300,000 m³ of raw liquid manure per year

SNS full processing stationary

SNS full processing stationary offers a processing capacity of 5,000 m³ raw manure / year. Plant scalability is possible in order to increase performance.

Our stationary system is – depending on the required size – housed in several containers. You therefore do not need an additional building for commissioning.

Your choice: nutrient reduction or full processing

We know that liquid manure treatment must of course be financially sustainable. We have therefore developed two concepts that can be adapted to your budget.

The stationary version is installed in your company, while the mobile version is used as required: Give us a call or send us a message. We make an appointment and a short time later everything is literally cleared up again. Choose the environmentally friendly processing of farm manure

Inexpensive. Modular. Compact.

Our system solutions for mobile liquid manure processing

The idea of ​​mobile liquid manure processing emerged from the cost pressure of farmers. The problem: How can we get the farmer to return his fertilizer to the natural cycle in an environmentally conscious and economical way? The mobile Simtec slurry processing has a fixed, calculable size, without additional investment costs.


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How does this work?

The farmer makes an on-site appointment with the Simtec company.

The mobile processing solution with a system

Samples of the homogenized manure are analyzed and the processing is planned. Then it is determined how much slurry Simtec should process. The price is calculated based on the quantity. A buyer for the solids is identified.

Then an appointment is made as to when it will be processed. The manure must first be pressed e.g. with the mobile press screw from Simtec. The solid fraction is made available for collection directly. The solid fraction has a high energy density and can be processed into biogas. The amount of methane and gas in pig manure, for example, approaches that of green maize.

The thin fraction is fed into the existing storage tank with manure.

All of this is possible from a price of 4 euros / m³!

Our system solution full processing

The water is withdrawn from the manure. It is processed so that it is e.g. can be used again as drinking water or even returned to the groundwater. The solids can be used in biogas plants. The cost reduction here is around 40-60 percent.

We will present you a tailor-made solution that adapts to your operation and your company in every respect!

Customer opinion

We chose SIMTEC Natural Solution because we run our business in an environmentally conscious way and simply want to save costs.

H. Wagner

The SIMTEC module is perfect for my purposes. The setup went very quickly and the employees were able to answer any questions that arose quickly.

T. Wendland

The decision in favor of the SIMTEC modules was the right one, because we have found that they reduce operating costs and that we will remain flexible in the future.

J. Mohr

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